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1995\06\07@050203 by Mike Barrett

I have to agree that I dont think  the book is very good.
I am/was a completed beginner but have just finished my first PIC project
(very simple buts works) to control the rotation of a motor.
I bought the PIC book (A Beginners Guide to PIC) plus the PICstart?
development kit + data books. I had hoped that the beginners book would let
get me up to speed quickly. It did not. I found the examples poorly
documented and  inaccurate. The book is very badly laid out, overall they
did not help me learn to program the device.
In the end I searched the net
( is very good) and picked
up various bits of  example code (which was more useful than any thing in
the book) and spent time reading the data books.

{Now I have done one project with a PIC I want a  reason to do a second, I
had forgotten what fun low level programing can be!!!}

Mike Barrett

>Kevin R. Jones (spam_OUTKRJONE01TakeThisOuTspamULKYVX.LOUISVILLE.EDU) wrote:
>> Why do you feel the book "Sucks" ? I'm looking for very basic
>>information on the PICs and this book seems to be the only one
>>available. If you have any other recomendations ongeeting started with
>>the pic's please let me know.
lots deleted...
>Andrew Warren -
>Fast Forward Engineering, Vista, California
Mike Barrett                E-mail:
Schlumberger Cambridge Research      Phone: 01223 325200
PO Box 153, Cambridge, CB3 OHG. U.K    Fax: 01223 327019

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