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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'Proper subject headings'
1997\02\17@015524 by jattievdl

'PIC14000 won't reset properly'
1997\10\15@112503 by fdalton
'Proper Interupt procedures...'
1997\10\16@012331 by Dave Celsnak
1997\10\16@055254 by wwl
1997\10\16@063301 by Andrew Warren
1997\10\16@100757 by Andy Kunz
1997\10\16@121823 by John Payson

'[OT] Intellectual Property Ownership'
1998\03\04@101419 by Peter Casavant
1998\03\04@112626 by Bob Shaver
1998\03\04@153743 by William Chops Westfield
1998\03\04@155756 by Bob Shaver
1998\03\04@185618 by Eric H
1998\03\04@202326 by Ross McKenzie

'Proper Initilisation of the Timer Interupt for 16f'
1999\10\22@035747 by Mathew Cohen
1999\10\22@052258 by Roberto Fernandes T Neto

'[Admin] Marking an "OT" post properly when a threa'
2000\03\31@023422 by Mark Willis

'[PIC]:Cannot initialize hardware SPI properly in s'
2000\07\25@151116 by David Kott
2000\07\26@104539 by David Kott

'[OT]: Intellectual Property Rights'
2000\09\02@080313 by Howard McGinnis
2000\09\02@083928 by Bob Ammerman
2000\09\02@103626 by Chris Eddy
2000\09\02@111646 by Spehro Pefhany
2000\09\02@170327 by Dwayne Reid
2000\09\03@224459 by Antonio L Benci
2000\09\05@090711 by M. Adam Davis
2000\09\05@103328 by Chris Eddy

'[PIC]: Proper handling when mailing programmed ch'
2000\10\02@082246 by Lorick
2000\10\02@083321 by Bob Ammerman
2000\10\02@090755 by Andy Howard
2000\10\02@153900 by Dwayne Reid
2000\10\02@160716 by Ed Edmondson
2000\10\02@161328 by Chris Carr
2000\10\02@161722 by Spehro Pefhany
2000\10\02@162347 by Severson, Rob
2000\10\02@172531 by Tony Nixon
2000\10\02@174228 by xandinho
2000\10\02@195136 by Mark Willis
2000\10\03@081654 by M. Adam Davis
2000\10\03@110840 by Dan Michaels
2000\10\03@131510 by staff
2000\10\03@160434 by M. Adam Davis
2000\10\03@161720 by Peter L. Peres
2000\10\03@163151 by M. Adam Davis
'[OT]: Re: [PIC]: Proper handling when mailing prog'
2000\10\03@164603 by Andrew Kunz
'[OT]: Proper handling when mailing programmed chip'
2000\10\04@023214 by Jinx
2000\10\04@044606 by Alan B. Pearce
2000\10\04@151130 by Peter L. Peres

'[PIC]: 18C452 modify PC not working properly ... ?'
2000\11\12@145943 by Andrew E. Kalman
2000\11\12@165147 by Thomas C. Sefranek
2000\11\12@172734 by Bob Ammerman
2000\11\12@180106 by Andrew E. Kalman
2000\11\12@180111 by Andrew E. Kalman
2000\11\12@185403 by Bob Ammerman

'[PIC]: 16f877 not connecting properly'
2001\03\20@211919 by Roger Duffus
2001\03\20@213323 by Tony Nixon
2001\03\21@082158 by Olin Lathrop

'[OT]: the dangers, properties and uses of UV'
2001\05\13@004604 by Alexandre Domingos F. Souza

'[PIC]: How to PROPERLY define and use variables?'
2001\09\17@170403 by Allen Mahurin
2001\09\17@175117 by Brandon Fosdick
2001\09\17@181952 by Allen Mahurin
2001\09\17@210758 by Olin Lathrop
2001\09\17@210811 by Olin Lathrop
2001\09\17@214009 by Allen Mahurin
2001\09\17@214357 by Heinz Czychun
2001\09\17@215746 by Bob Barr
2001\09\17@221914 by Bob Barr
2001\09\18@024120 by Gennette, Bruce
2001\09\18@082401 by Allen Mahurin
2001\09\18@082701 by Allen Mahurin
'[PIC]: Another gotcha .....was How to PROPERLY....'
2001\09\18@095109 by Heinz Czychun
2001\09\18@102003 by Allen Mahurin
'[PIC]: How to PROPERLY define and use variables?'
2001\09\18@102049 by Bob Barr
2001\09\18@141436 by Harold M Hallikainen
2001\09\18@141645 by Harold M Hallikainen
2001\09\18@194550 by Allen Mahurin

'[OT]: Properties of Ceramic Ultrasonic Transducer'
2002\03\09@184551 by Donovan Parks

'[PICLIST] Help with "proper" SPDIF interface'
2002\06\12@032613 by Rick Mann
2002\06\12@112749 by Brian Aase
2002\06\12@123339 by Josh Koffman
2002\06\12@140627 by Dwayne Reid
2002\06\14@062723 by Rick Mann

'[OT]: Is my reply address set properly'
2002\09\28@153800 by Kevin A. Benedict
2002\09\28@185008 by cdb
'[PIC]: Proper Serial I/O'
2002\09\29@185525 by Nick Veys
2002\09\29@194445 by Jinx
2002\09\29@200622 by Byron A Jeff
2002\09\29@201442 by Charles Craft
2002\09\30@035636 by Alan B. Pearce
2002\09\30@080824 by Olin Lathrop
2002\09\30@081833 by Olin Lathrop
2002\09\30@090636 by Russell McMahon
2002\09\30@091634 by Olin Lathrop
2002\09\30@092439 by Dennis Crawley

'[EE]: Symbol/proper definition for mAh'
2002\12\18@194039 by Dave Dribin
2002\12\18@194910 by Sid Weaver
2002\12\18@202341 by Russell McMahon
2002\12\18@203121 by Dave Dribin
2002\12\19@012130 by Russell McMahon
2002\12\19@014349 by Quentin
2002\12\19@063040 by Roman Black
2002\12\19@092113 by Spehro Pefhany
2002\12\19@092735 by Spehro Pefhany
2002\12\19@103807 by Dave Dribin
2002\12\19@124519 by Doug Hewett
2002\12\19@124534 by Ray Gallant
2002\12\19@131939 by Spehro Pefhany
2002\12\19@143115 by Dwayne Reid
2002\12\19@173057 by Lee Jones
2002\12\20@021725 by Doug Hewett
2002\12\20@032252 by Roman Black
2002\12\20@110835 by Spehro Pefhany
2002\12\20@112022 by Peter L. Peres

'[SX]: Pin won't turn off properly'
2003\01\30@064232 by Jinx
2003\01\30@091343 by Chris Loiacono
2003\01\30@155449 by Jinx
2003\01\30@220550 by Jinx
2003\01\31@024818 by Stephen
2003\01\31@033316 by Jinx
2003\01\31@075613 by Mr MCU

'[SX]: Pin won't turn off properly'
2003\02\02@131809 by John Ely
2003\02\02@133417 by Brian Aase
2003\02\02@160904 by Jinx
2003\02\02@163716 by Peter L. Peres
'[OT]: Properties of numerous gases'
2003\02\05@171718 by Russell McMahon
'[SX]: Pin won't turn off properly'
2003\02\17@050014 by Jinx
2003\02\17@104154 by G.Smith
2003\02\17@125122 by Stephen
2003\02\17@183430 by Jinx
2003\02\17@212513 by Stephen
2003\02\17@231913 by Roman Black
2003\02\18@135534 by David Cary
2003\02\18@153602 by Stephen Holland
2003\02\18@200608 by James Newton, webhost
2003\02\19@030712 by Jinx
2003\02\19@053235 by Roman Black
2003\02\19@074813 by Jinx
2003\02\21@051646 by Jinx
2003\02\21@053544 by cdb
2003\02\21@055513 by Jinx
'[OT]: Origins, was Pin won't turn off properly'
2003\02\21@062151 by Alan B. Pearce
'[OT]: Pin won't turn off properly'
2003\02\21@145815 by Dwayne Reid
2003\02\22@012333 by David Cary
2003\02\22@025914 by Stephen
2003\02\22@040857 by Jinx
2003\02\22@054410 by Russell McMahon
2003\02\22@064722 by David Duffy
2003\02\22@075405 by Wouter van Ooijen
2003\02\22@100323 by Russell McMahon
2003\02\22@102858 by Roman Black
2003\02\22@103301 by Roman Black
2003\02\22@123021 by Stephen
2003\02\22@160144 by David Duffy
2003\02\22@160352 by Russell McMahon
2003\02\22@163902 by Jinx
2003\02\23@033515 by Eric Bohlman
2003\02\23@041915 by David Duffy
2003\02\23@042330 by Russell McMahon
2003\02\23@053259 by David Duffy
2003\02\23@075039 by Morgan Olsson

'[OT]: Intellectual property right - who owns them?'
2003\07\16@194506 by Peter Mcalpine
'[OT]: Re: Intellectual property right - who owns t'
2003\07\16@200716 by Matt Redmond
'[OT]: Intellectual property right - who owns them?'
2003\07\16@202724 by Bob Axtell
2003\07\16@204416 by Jinx
2003\07\16@204423 by Jack Smith
'[OT]: Re: Intellectual property right - who owns t'
2003\07\16@233909 by Don Holtz
2003\07\17@003752 by Peter Mcalpine
'[OT]: Intellectual property right - who owns them?'
2003\07\17@004533 by Robert Rolf
2003\07\17@090911 by Micro Eng
2003\07\17@095103 by John Ferrell
2003\07\17@095310 by Howard Winter
2003\07\19@111053 by Peter L. Peres
2003\07\19@161643 by Mike Hord
2003\07\19@163545 by Robert Rolf
2003\07\20@015852 by gtyler
2003\07\20@120355 by Wagner Lipnharski
2003\07\20@164042 by Robert Rolf
2003\07\21@135809 by Mike Hord
2003\07\21@141638 by Alexandre Souza
2003\07\21@145718 by Dave King
2003\07\22@132137 by Win Wiencke
2003\07\22@153009 by Peter L. Peres
2003\07\23@133545 by Peter L. Peres
2003\07\24@235441 by Stephen Webb

'[EE] Proper design technique for powered down PCM'
2003\08\08@132320 by Gary Pepper
2003\08\08@133318 by Picdude
2003\08\08@153104 by Mike Hord
2003\08\08@155554 by Dkbovaird

'[EE:] DIP switch with proper numbering'
2003\12\16@161500 by Colin Constant

'[EE]:proper use of MOV's'
2004\01\21@093724 by al smith
2004\01\21@100224 by Rick C.
2004\01\21@100558 by Spehro Pefhany
2004\01\21@102048 by al smith
2004\01\21@121447 by Brian Aase

'[EE]: Proper PWM Freq. for 12V DC Brushless Fan?'
2004\02\27@004555 by Nick Veys
2004\02\27@052159 by hael Rigby-Jones

'[OT:] proper etiquette when dealing with Chinese c'
2004\03\10@234337 by Jonathan Johnson
'] proper etiquette when dealing with Chinese compa'
2004\03\10@234752 by Des Bromilow
2004\03\11@001726 by rocky
2004\03\11@021452 by Russell McMahon
2004\03\11@055940 by Spehro Pefhany

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