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PICList Thread
'Project distribution site'
1999\02\03@081721 by Alexey Vladimirov

03 Feb 99, writes to All:

P> I've looked around at several of the links on Microchip's
P> page, Myke Predko's page, and some doubly-indirected pages
P> from there. Picpoint seems to do some of that, and others
P> have pages of links to sites with projects people have
P> done. Again, though, I didn't notice a site that was
P> focused on distributing whole, workable projects that
P> others would like to share but not if it means putting
P> up a website.

I maintain something similar - one of the most popular Microchip resources
site - Microchip Net resources at

Now more than 700 fully checked and sorted links, about 600 visitors per day...

P>    * Would you be interested in seeing a site devoted to
P>      the distribution of complete PIC project descriptions?
P>    * Do you think that it makes sense to create such a
P>      site from scratch, or do you think that this is
P>      redundant with a site that already exists?

Probably it will be something similar to fully sorted Microchip Applications
plus Applications section on the link above plus something more...

P> I could provide a moderate amount of disk storage
P> for people who didn't have any place to put their files,
P> or in some cases the download links could point to other
P> servers.

Good idea. Same service do some other PIC links page maintainers, include me -
I always accept putting some PIC projects on my site...

P> I would also probably keep it fully non-commercial, in the sense that
P> it wouldn't be available for links to commercial project kits

It is very difficult question. For example you have link to full description
and schematic of some published project, and PCB for this project sold at this
link for some value. Is this site commercial ? I choose to list all sites, that
have some real projects published...

P> I also have fully paid-for hosting so there wouldn't have to be
P> Geocities watermarks or Tripod pop-ups, and as long as the file
P> storage burden didn't get too big I wouldn't have carry banners or
P> anything.

Geocities is very stable and serious hosting services with good connectivity,
however it have watermark... Did you want to host Geowatermark-free mirror of
my page ?

Best regards

Alexey Vladimirov

1999\02\03@135514 by w. v. ooijen / f. hanneman

picon face
Like most other hobbyist who publish something on the web I will
(soon) run into the limits of my internet provider (limited web size,
limited traffic, watermarks, banners etc.). If someone could
at least mirror my site to reduce traffic....


> Geocities is very stable and serious hosting services with good
> however it have watermark... Did you want to host Geowatermark-free
mirror of
> my page ?

1999\02\04@081620 by Mark Willis

Thought:  An HTML index of pointers to all the other sites would
spread the load around, could comprise one easily-mirrored reasonably
small file, and shouldn't be impossible to fit inside ANY ISP's disk
space quotas.

 I'm more worried about mirroring projects on peoples' personal pages,
that might get lost as people change ISP's/etc.

 If I could get a cable modem here, I'd volunteer a half gig of HDD
space <G>  Neither ADSL nor cable modems supply my neighborhood, dangit!

 Could have someone gather everything & burn a CD-Rom, though if I did
that, I'm afraid I would want to get a faster burner (Currently I just
have a 2x write CD-R, burning 50 CD-R's on that would be basically
pointless <G>)  Saner for people to ship me a SCSI portable drive
instead <G>


w. v. ooijen / f. hanneman wrote:
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