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'Programming problems - 16C73A/JW'
1999\10\05@202705 by Richard Prosser

I've just bought one of these & am trying to program it with a PICSTART II

Am Running MPLab 4.12.00 on an NT system (with the appropriate DLL)

But it won't read or program - tells me the Code Protect is "Illegal".

I've tried about an hour of UV Eraser - no change. Also I can't program or
read an OTP 16C73B part as it it thinks that the protect bit on this one is
set - again a brand new part that's never been programmed.

I can however read an older '73A JW part which has been previously

I suspect timing and/or voltage levels (supply at 4.83Vss and Vpp @ about
Or - have I done something to the PICSTART II ?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

Richard P

1999\10\06@055544 by Martin Dyer

The message <>>  from  Richard Prosser <.....RPROSSERKILLspamspam@spam@SWICHTEC.CO.NZ> contains these words:

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Sounds like a device reading problem to me. What version of PicStart
Plus firmware are you using? I have programmed mine with V2.01.00,
the PSF20100.hex file is included with the MPLAB upgrade and
programming instructions are in the Release Notes.
>From MPLAB menus: Help -> Release Notes for PicStart Plus, you can
read the file Readme.pls. This has lots of useful information,
including something on setting Vpp and programming the new firmware
into the chip. An extract from Readme.pls follows:-

NOTE-  When programming some 16C7x (16C73, 16C74) devices, a
known blank part will show to be not blank and will not
program properly.

The rise time of Vpp is too fast to properly set the part
into programming mode.  This occurs only on certain date
codes of parts and only on non 16C7xA parts.

Insert a 0.01uF capacitor between Vpp (Pin 1) and ground
(Pin 8 ) of the socket before inserting part.  This will slow
the Vpp rise time and allow the device to enter programming
mode.  This is only required on Picstart Plus.

Hope this helps,

1999\10\06@075033 by Jim Robertson

At 13:21 6/10/99 +1300, you wrote:

If by accident you programmed the 16C73A as a 16C73 then this will cause the
exact problems are you reporting. An illegal code protect problem and
an in ability to program the part further. This will happen even if you (or
someone else before you) had programmed a completely blank (all 3FFFh) file.

This condition is fatal. There is no way but if this is what has been done. I
hope not though.

Also I think the programming VPP is pretty marginal. another 0.25 volts might
help but I would check the voltage again first to see if it is really that
low. 13V is the best middle ground.


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Jim Robertson
MPLAB compatible PIC programmers.

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