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'Programming Info and Data Books'
1994\09\24@155329 by crocontroller discussion list

   I'm interested in programming info for the entire line of pics (16xx
and 17xx series.)  I'd like to build a serial programmer that can handle
all of them by using some hardwired personality modules.  What data
books describe the programming algorithms and signals needed?  I'm not
at all familiar with Microchip's policy on data books.  Do they always
charge for them?  What if you're a college student?  Basically, I need
everything there is to know about the 16xx and 17xx lines.  Is the
"Microchip Full Line Data Book" advertised in DigiKey for $8.60 what I
want?  What about the "Embedded Control PIC Applications Handbook?"
Thanks in advance for any help!

Chris Kristof
Junior ECE
Carnegie Mellon University

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