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'Program Memory - made a mistake !'
1998\11\05@064858 by Caisson

> Van: Caisson <spam_OUTcaissonTakeThisOuTspamTELEBYTE.NL>
> Aan: .....PICLISTKILLspamspam@spam@MITVMA.MIT.EDU
> Onderwerp: Re: Program Memory
> Datum: woensdag 4 november 1998 9:58


> Data at adresses 2000-203F, 2140-and-up (excluding EEProm) can only be
> accessed during Programming.

Sorry, but this line _should_ read : 2000-20FF, 2140-and-up (excluding
Where did I put my brains when I wrote it ... :-)

 Rudy Wieser

1998\11\05@065738 by aya Baptista

About that memory area in the 16C84:
what is it for? I know that 2000-200F is for configuration purposes, but
what about the rest? The datasheet says it's not implemented even though
they call it "user memory".
What do you mean "excluding EEPROM"? Is it mapped in this area? I thought
EEPROM had its own programming commands...

AndrŽ Malafaya Baptista

{Original Message removed}

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