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'Problems with MPSIM.'
1996\09\02@153805 by vador Eduardo Tropea (SET)

Hi all:

 I have the following problems with MPSIM and a 16C622:

1) The MPSIM don't emulate the Interrupt on change Port B, in the right way,
If don't make a read to the port B in the interrupt routine (like the data
sheet says) the chip doesn't clear the interrupt but MPSIM does this, I guess
that's a bug.
2) I can't read from the RA4 pin, the chip reads OK this pin but the simulator
don't reflect the value of this pin when I read the Port A.

 Are these bugs of the simulator? Anybody have similar problems?

bye SET.

Salvador Eduardo Tropea (SET) -
Work: INTI (National Institute of Industrial Technology) Sector: ICE
(Electronic Control & Instrumentation)
Post (Home): Curapaligue 2124 - Caseros (1678)- Buenos Aires - Argentina

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