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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'Pretty Code ??'
1998\01\07@045458 by Mark Birks
1998\01\07@084417 by Tom Mariner
1998\01\07@102636 by myke predko
1998\01\07@105259 by Martin R. Green
1998\01\07@192824 by Justin Crooks

'My transformer is pretty hot Why????'
1999\01\09@235816 by Ricardo Ponte G
1999\01\10@101421 by Morgan Olsson
1999\01\10@112816 by Mike Keitz
1999\01\10@135726 by D. F. Welch
1999\01\10@140545 by Brian Aase
1999\01\10@182900 by Peter Schultz
1999\01\11@002058 by Russell McMahon
1999\01\11@062954 by paulb
1999\01\11@183824 by J Nagy

'not showing up on list. Pretty much way [OT]'
1999\05\22@055119 by paulb

'[PICList Admin] Coming soon, perhaps: "Pretty Park'
1999\10\03@183526 by Mark Willis

2001\12\29@032534 by Prince Anamalech
2001\12\29@033406 by dpharris
2001\12\29@112807 by jim
2001\12\29@131658 by tcpip

'[EE]: Pretty neat huh?'
2002\03\20@212542 by michael brown

'[OT:] Pretty cool...'
2004\07\01@110725 by Ake Hedman
2004\07\01@111553 by Russell McMahon
2004\07\01@113752 by Ake Hedman

'[OT] Lego (get a life)(but very pretty) Starry Ni'
2005\01\11@073103 by Russell McMahon

'[OT] Pretty Suit-Sat picture'
2006\02\20@060101 by Russell McMahon
2006\02\20@065709 by liam .
2006\02\20@091202 by Bill & Pookie
2006\02\20@093015 by Mike Hord
2006\02\20@095121 by Dave Lag
2006\02\20@105147 by Nate Duehr

'[SX] pretty printing SX code'
2008\02\29@195114 by kmonsxn/a

'[SX] pretty printing SX code'
2008\03\01@084209 by George Herzogn/a
2008\03\01@103057 by kmonsxn/a
2008\03\01@130732 by johncouturen/a

'[EE] Pretty good link page'
2009\03\22@172119 by Peter

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