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'Press coverage of PIC16C84 hacking'
1995\10\02@151440 by PETE KLAMMER

In case you wondered why we've been seeing so much discussion of PIC16C84
code-protect circumvention...

August 1995 ``Electronics Now'' magazine carries two articles, ``Has DSS
Been Hacked?'' and ``Satellite Signal Piracy - The European Experience''
which both mention the PIC role in subscription-TV piracy.  As far as I can
tell, the original authorization smartcards were not PIC-based, but a first
generation of pirate smartcard emulators were built from PIC16C84s.  Then a
second wave of re-pirates cracked those pirate cards to break the first
wave's monopoly on the piracy!  Interesting reading, about piracy wars
anyway, nothing much specific on PICs (other than affirmation as very
powerful tools).

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