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'Polaroid 6500 sonar ranging questions'
1997\05\13@141829 by Philip Martin

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Hi all,

I seem to recall some chatter on the group a while ago about these
devices. Thing is I,ve just got myself one of the module 615077 units
and could do with some help or tips.

If anyone has used one of these unit, do you know where I can get any
more info on them, preferably with some demo type add on circuits to see
what the thing can do.

I brough the unit from Maplin but I'm not about to fork out the 120 uk
pounds for their development kit.


Philip Martin   ----------------------------------------------------------------
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1997\05\13@201514 by Michael S. Hagberg

i recall microchip having a sample ranging program and app notes on the web


1997\05\17@042715 by Steve Smith

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The information I believe is contained in the pic project books by Nigel
Gardener available from Farnell & Maplin there is also some code examples.
This is a vauge memory but check it out.........

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