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'Please spare a minute to read this mail. Thankyou.'
2000\01\19@111134 by Dennis Gearon

Please spare a minute to read this mail. Thank you.
>The government of Afghanistan is waging a war upon women. The situation
>getting so bad that one person in an editorial of the Times compared
>treatment of women there to the treatment of Jews in pre Holocaust
>the Taliban took power in 1996, women have had to wear burqua and have
>been beaten and stoned in public for not having the proper attire, even
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There is no way in such an extreme Islamic society to know the suicide
>with certainty, but relief workers are estimating that the suicide rate

>among women, who cannot find proper  medication and treatment for
>depression and would rather take their  lives than live in such
>conditions,has increased significantly.  Homes where a woman is
>present must have their windows painted so that she can never be seen
>outsiders.  They must wear silent shoes so that they are never heard.
Women live in fear of their lives for the slightest misbehavior. Because

>cannot work, those without male relatives or husbands are either
to death or begging on the street, even if they hold Ph.D.'s.
>There are almost no medical facilities available for women, and relief
>workers have mostly left the country. At one of the rare hospitals for
>women,a reporter found still, nearly lifeless bodies lying motionless
top of beds, wrapped in their burqua, unwilling to speak, eat, or do
>anything, but slowly wasting away. Others have gone mad and were seen
>crouched in corners,rocking or crying, most of them in fear.  One
doctor is
>considering, when what little medication that is left finally runs
>out, leaving these women in front of the president's residence as a
>of peaceful protest.
>It is at the point where the term 'human rights violations' has become
understatement. Husbands have the power of life and death over their
women relatives, especially their wives, but an angry mob has just as
right to stone or beat a woman, often to death, for exposing an inch of
or offending them in the slightest way.  David Cornwell has said that
in the West should not judge the Afghan people for such treatment
it is a 'cultural thing', but this is not even true. Women enjoyed
freedom, to
work, dress generally as they wanted, and drive and appear in public
>until only 1996 -- the rapidity of this transition is the main reason
>for the depression and suicide; women who were once educators or
>doctors or simply used to basic human freedoms are now severely
>and treated as sub-human in the name of right-wing fundamentalist
>It is not their tradition or 'culture',but is alien to them, and it is
>extreme even for those cultures where fundamentalism is the rule.
>Besides, if we could excuse everything on cultural grounds, then we
>should not be appalled that the Carthaginians sacrificed their infant
>children, that little girls are circumcised in parts of Africa, that
>blacks in the US deep south in the 1930's were lynched,prohibited
>from voting, and forced to submit to unjust Jim Crow laws.  Everyone
has a
>right to a tolerable human existence, even if they are women in a
>Muslim country in a part of the world that Westerners may not
If we can threaten military force in Kosovo in the name of human rights
>the sake of ethnic Albanians, then NATO and the West can certainly
peaceful outrage at the oppression,murder and injustice committed
women by the Taliban.
>                             *************
>STATEMENT: In signing this, we agree that the current treatment of
>women in Afghanistan is completely UNACCEPTABLE and deserves support
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36) Dennis Gearon, Klamath Falls, OR, USA

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2000\01\19@141259 by s Newton, piclist admin

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That is not what the PICList is about. Especially when it's not marked [OT]


A link to a page on that subject in your signature line would be fine.

James Newton (PICList Admin #3) 1-619-652-0593

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2000\01\19@180317 by John C. Frenzel

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Welcome to the sick world of militant Islam.

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2000\01\21@200112 by iharis

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Subject: Please spare a minute to read this mail. Thankyou.

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