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PICList Thread
'Please add http://'
1999\10\20@234049 by Jim Robertson


Useful URLs are a real feature of the piclist and a great way to contribute
why not do it right?

It doesn't talk much more typing to add to the etc
URLs but
it makes a bigger difference to those receiving the posts as we (most of us
at least)
can point and shoot to go the URL without having to manually fire up our
browser and
cut and paste the urls etc.

Example before:

There's a surplus place in Australia selling 3.5ish Mhz

Example After:

There's a surplus place in Australia selling 3.5ish Mhz

So without any further fuss, how about it making it a point of netiquette.
A little effort by one to aid many.

Jim Robertson
MPLAB compatible PIC programmers.

1999\10\21@040744 by Mark Willis

Good Mini-FAQ fodder there! <G>


Jim Robertson wrote:
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1999\10\21@054315 by JP.BROWN

But if you don't know the exact URL or you just don't have time to
look for it please don't let this stop you mentioning a useful source of
info. If we are made aware that something exists it doesn't take long to
find it. Cheers!. ............John

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