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'Plain Text Settings'
2000\04\05@185835 by David Huisman

Outlook Express version 5.0

How to set Plain Text format

Select "Tools" -> "Options" -> "Send"

Select "Plain Text"

You can also adjust word wrap size etc by clicking on "Plain Text Settings"

David Huisman

2000\04\06@015205 by William Chops Westfield

face picon face
   You can also adjust word wrap size etc by clicking on "Plain
   Text Settings" button

Please set the word wrap size to something huge like 255, so that the end of
lines you TYPE
are the only ones likely to appear in your message.  Otherwise, when you type
returns at
the end of the lines in your "who knows what sized" window (and perhaps in a
spaced font as well), you'll likely end up with each line cut into a long line
and a short
line (once at the wrap column, and once again at YOUR end-of-line.)  This is
very annoying
to read.  (You can ignore this comment if you use an editor or typing style
that doesn't
involve any user-provided end-of-lines, of course.)

Bill W

(Yes, the awful formatting above is intentional, to make my point!)

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