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'Piezo WAY WAY WAY OT but not OT'
2000\03\19@182727 by nkett


Hello all,
Yes I am back, and Tomas was correct,  "You can sign off but never leave"
So I am employed and still workin on my Masters (DSPs this time round and
yes my maths is not that good so trouble I expect!) So one can ask what has
been doing? What religous things have been going on, whom has falmed whom,
or are things a bit more sedate?
Is Wagner back?

OK question time
Have used the PIC 16F84/7, nice but when will the UARTs be suppored in
MPLAB? When will Microchip upodate the data sheet, lucky for some in that I
had used the PWM drive before and knew of the interrupts for relaod!. Got
the fellas going with Tony's PickNpoke (Nice stuff!) I must sat that I had
forgotten just how easy these things are to get going for a first time
Anyway why all this rubbish?

I want to make a gong sound with a piezo and there are two driver pins in
use and we need to decay the tone (May have to be fixed or can be variable)
Is this possible in a dual PWN drive? or do I need more hardware to ring
the tone down. Oh yes the gong has to sound like a lift door type (Thats
elevator to the un educated :) (Smile))

Oh yeh, another thing (Here comes trouble) it seems that Micorchip are not
agressive enough in the dollar area! My current company is going to use
another brand (Not pic based in not often talked about on this list) pitty
as there are 100K units+ required 1/4

Ah it is good to be back


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