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PICList Thread
'Picstart and hex files'
1996\12\20@002845 by clyde

Here's one for the Piclist - I can't answer this since I don't have
access to a PICSTART. Our compiler produces hex files in a format that
I believe is generally known as INHX8M - i.e. two bytes per PIC word,
with the upper bits of the second byte unused. MPLAB has no problems
with this. We also produce a .COD file. What does the PICSTART accept?

-----Forwarded message from (Paul Thompson)-----

> I am using the PICSTART -16B1 (firmware version 2.0) to blow a windowed
> 16C71 but
> it doesnt understand your intel hex file output.
> I dont know whether the incompatibity lies in the firmware or the the MPS16B
> program.

> Is there another output file format that I should be using?

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1996\12\21@054636 by Lynn Richardson

MPSTART likes to see intel hex files with 16 bytes or less of code in each
line.  There's a small conversion utility program called 'hex2hex
available for download on the Phillips BBS, (800) 451-6644, that converts
longer line files to 16 bytes.  Try '', too.

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On Fri, 20 Dec 1996, Clyde Smith-Stubbs wrote:

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