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'Picstart/ICD on USB'
2000\04\07@162158 by mike

For your info, MPLAB 5.00, Picstart + and ICD appear to work OK on an
Entrega (now Xircom) USB-to-Serial interface.

At first MPLAB greyed-out the USB com port's number, but manually
setting the port number in MPLAB.INI got round this.
Picstart gives occasional 'cannot receive' errors but seems to be
pretty useable. ICD appears to work fine.

..Why am I surprised that this worked....????

2000\04\07@164710 by M. Adam Davis

Probably because of the number of drivers and hardware layers involved...
Windows serial driver (probably not, it should just skip this driver...)
Xircom's serial<>USB gateway
Windows USB driver

Intel Chipset
USB interface
Xircom USB chip

Xircom USB chip's firmware
Picstart+ / ICD

"I've finally learned what `upward compatible' means. It means we get to keep
all our old mistakes." -- Dennie van Tassel


Mike Harrison wrote:
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