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'Piclist mailling list behaviour/rules + Problem wi'
1999\05\02@090719 by rivi¸re

Hi all,

1) At first, I apologize about my piclist newbie question.

I have post 2 messages to the list yesterday.
Today, I have not seen theses messages appearing in the list.
But, a piclist member thanks me about one of theses messages (quoted inside his

Can't understand. :-()

2) I repost these questions :

I use the sleep instruction for the first time on a
picmaster with 17C44 probe, external clock mode.

a) Sleep intruction simply does not work.
Where I am wrong ?

b) Is sleep mode work with external clock ?

Friendly regards,

stephane riviere, Oleron Island - France.

1999\05\02@145002 by Mark Willis

(I should DO that change, shouldn't I?)

 StŽphane, what you need to do is go send the message generated by
Tjaart's page at, and hit the
"I WANT TO SEE MY OWN POST" link - send that e-mail, and you'll see your
own posts.  (I said I'd get that change made, but got distracted by some
good news - a Family member just had some really NICE luck, looks like,
we'll have to see.  Good things DO happen!)

 Until you send that (& reply to the verification message, I think?)
the list machine figures you know what you've sent to the list, so it
doesn't send that message to you.  Astonishing to most new list members,
it seems <G>

 DS30412C-page 105 talks about the 17C44, I haven't used it much but
the gist of that is that the Sleep instruction causes the hardware clock
oscillator to shut down, to save power - My GUESS, is that since you
have an external clock, sleep's not going to do much for you?  Try it
with an internal clock, see if it behaves properly, if it does the SAME
things with an internal clock, then maybe it's a watchdog timer waking
the machine up prematurely (Saw something in there about some spurious
WDT firings if the WDT is over 1/2 through it's cycle when you hit
Sleep, IIRC, so maybe try "feeding the watchdog" just before sleep & see
if that helps, too?)


stŽphane rivire wrote:
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