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'Picbasic v1.20'
1996\09\23@100256 by Mike Hagans

Greetings Barbaros,

Have been using the Micro Engineering Labs Pbasic compiler for a few
weeks now.  I like it too!  My sole project (thus far) with it is a Telco
coupler/dtmf decoder (on portA of 16c84) with combination-lock style
access.  Getting the PCB's made this week.  You can get some good
reference applications and a much better description of Pbasic command
usage from the Parallax web site.

Mike (N4JRD)

1996\09\24@094244 by Pekka Ritamaki

Hello Mike (N4JRD)!

>reference applications and a much better description of Pbasic command
>ny other pic basic compilers ?What do you think about picbasic ?

I am using also PICBASIC and I am very satified. No problems. I have done a
keyboard scanner( 8*8 matrice) to RS-232 ( 9600 baud), a serial to 4*20 LCD
with many options ( EEPROM logos, 12-bit AD-converter, cursor control, row
control). Serial to 4*relays ( 12V coils, 250VAC 10A contacts, 3*16-bit
AD-converter to serial ( 3 USD coverter chips!). No I am thinking serial to
PWM problem ( no spikes to output during serial input), Halogen lamp ( 12VAC
2A ) or 4-20 mA current output control by serial etc.

Pekka Ritamaki PROBYTE Oy Nirvankatu 31
FIN-33820 TAMPERE Finland
Electronics product design: hardware+software+development tools
puh INT +358-31-2661885 fax INT +358-31-2661886

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