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'PicList - Whats wrong [OT]'
2000\02\03@103857 by jamesnewton

face picon face
Its been a bad few days for the address. There is apparently a
continuing DNS problem. I first noticed it yesterday (DNS problems don't
always show up the same way to everyone, it can be fine in one area for a
quite a while after the problem actually occurs) and notified the DNS
provider, domain name owner (Jory) and the other admins (Mark). The DNS
provider restarted a server (which solved the problem at least for me and at
least until yesterday evening) and suggested some changes.

Today, the address is again not resolving to an IP address. The site itself
is not busy or overloaded. The DNS server is apparently what is giving you
the "too many people" message.

The DNS provider is very helpful and I'm sure that he and Jory will be able
to get it solved. I'll do anything I can as well.

In the mean time, you can access the server directly and the
site via the techref at:

Also, the search engine for the PICList is not at the site.
There is a link from but the site is

And on top of that... The site server had a bad night last night from about
2200 to 0630 but was up yesterday and is up today. The damn thing screwed
itself good.... Second time since we started. No idea why. Had a VDX page
fault message this time. Nothing in the M$ knowledge base. Blue screen by
this morning and a lot of people said they couldn't get in. Sorry about the
hassle. Its up again now.

The good news is PacBell finally got our 384kbps DSL connection up at a
location where the server can be monitored 24/7. The current server only has
human companionship <GRIN> 06:30 to 15:30 daily.  We are testing the
connection for reliability and setting up a new server machine. Then we will
register a nicer domain name for the techref and move the techref and
PICList sites. The old server will continue for other things and refer
techref and PICList people to the new address.

I'm also experimenting with Linux (Red Hat 6.1) as a router and backup web
server. I've seen some interesting things done where an NT box and a Linux
box ping each other (actually they hit each others web pages) and if one
dies, the other takes over. The idea is that even if something external
(hacker, virus, anything that triggers an OS flaw, etc...) kills one, its
very unlikely to kill the other. Since I use a lot of ASP and 32-bit machine
language MASM code, in my case the Linux box will only have a "We are
experiencing technical difficulties" web page and it will spend its time
screaming (pager, audio alarm, phone calls, etc...) for help and maybe
rebooting the NT server. So far the Red Hat installer has some kind of
security problem with the partition table, but I've not had time to really
trouble shoot it. Any Linux guru's in the San Diego north county area?

James Newton 1-619-652-0593 The Technical Details Site.
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2000\02\03@130051 by Mark Willis

Hmmm.  Today, I'm not getting a 403.9 - getting DNS failure here, on, now.  The WhoIs still works fine from here, but no IP
address at or, I guess -
This time, no IP block info, no TraceRoute.  That's different.

Part of the complication is: EACH ISP has their own local DNS server
that handles some IP address requests, if I'm understanding this
correctly - changes propogate from the source of the "disturbance",
outwards.  Read the "readers' digest" version a while ago, quickly, with
imperfect retention <G> so I don't remember it all, need to bookmark
that site next time I hunt it down, browser crash ate the URL.  And, my
brain's full <G>

When I look up a DNS name from here, for example, I'm accessing
FoxInternet.Net's DNS servers - and if they don't see it they somehow
ask some other "more senior" DNS server etc.  Right now, doesn't work from
here (DNS fail), OTOH works fine.


James Newton wrote:
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> {Original Message removed}

2000\02\03@190623 by quozl

On Thu, Feb 03, 2000 at 07:37:18AM -0800, James Newton wrote:
> Since I use a lot of ASP and 32-bit machine
> language MASM code, [...]

On the web server?  Wow.  ;-)  Use PHP to replace the ASP on Linux.

Update: in .au, the does not resolve, but
works fine.

James Cameron

2000\02\04@105302 by jamesnewton

face picon face
Just a sad update on your premier PICList information web site:

Nightmare 1: The address will be out for a short time. There is
an admin problem that can't be immediately corrected. To work around this
and to provide some additional reliability for the future, I've scrapped
together the $35 and registered (out of my own very empty
pocket, damn it, send donations to <GRIN>) and
pointed it at the server. Give it a day to propagate, its working now in my
area (San Diego) on Road Runner cable and Pacbell DSL DNS servers.

One or the other of  (down now)
or at least
should always work.

There is a lot of excellent content and links at this site. I'm proud of it
and you should be too as 99% of the PIC related info comes directly from you
via the PICList or from thoughs of you who have signed up and added notes
directly. With a smarter webmaster (that's me) and better luck than we've
had this past week, it acts as an excellent adjunct to the list.

For now, the <admin persons name> or email addresses
will not work. I'm still (as always) and If anyone sent email to a address, we
probably didn't get it. The listserver is of course completely separate (and
much more reliable) and unaffected so admin requests or listserv commands
are not in any way related to what I'm talking about here.

Nightmare 2: The new DSL connection was nicely dropping carrier and then
getting it again all last night. Long hours ahead on the phone to Pacbell
tech support and I will probably have to replace the (strange looking) phone
cables to the server closet in case that is the problem. It screams when it
works though. 1.5Mbps out and 384kbps in <GRIN>

Nightmare 3: And then we starting thinking (first mistake <GRIN>) about
reliability on the current server and realized that we hadn't updated the
Virus software in a while. So we spent some company money on the best
available and... Last night, at about 1900, the brand new Norton package
decided that a maintenance daemon was exhibiting "virus like" activity and
BROUGHT THE ENTIRE SERVER TO A HALT so that it could ask an operator what to
do.... It couldn't just stop that one service, no... it stopped the entire
machine... who writes this shit?

I will hooked up the cables for the monitor switch so I could start working
on the backup Linux box again.

Hang in there,
James Newton 1-619-652-0593

{Original Message removed}

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