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'PicBasic Compiler (BS1)'
1998\02\10@132240 by Robert McAtee

FYI... Recently purchassed the PickBasic Compiler. With it and MPLAB for
win what a great combination!! The bigie program I wanted to compile is the
Morse.bas from the Basic Stamp application notes. It's not a slouch program
for a beginner to try to program into a pic. With the compiler I programed
a PIC 16C84 in about two mins. But oppppps it didn't repeat the output as
it should have. I found the SLEEP 60 Pbasic command hung the stamp.
Changing that to a PAUSE command worked flawlessly. I even tried SLEEP 3 /
4/ 5/ 10. What's the deal Microengineering??? The Compiler manual says
sleep is a valid command??? No slam intended as I wouldn't sell you the
PickBasic Compiler back for twice the money. What a boon to some of we
basic programmers.......
From ==Mac==
of the Great State of TEXAS (Old, old call)
Present call AG5F (for you ARO's)

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