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'Pic with LCD drivers (Was: 16F84 vs 16C84)'
1998\06\05@145906 by hatfield

Mike Keitz wrote:

> >        What is the difference between the F84 and C84, not HW but
> >what should
> >change in the SW? Thanks a lot.
> The only difference for software is that the F84 has 32 bytes more RAM.
> If your software doesn't access this extra space, either chip will work.
> Otherwise a F84 is required.

I'm working on a project with a 16F84 that will hopefully eventually
output to a LCD.  After ordering the Picstart Plus from Digikey, they
sent a new catalog that is about twice the size of the one I had
ordered from and contained many more PICs in the listed components

I notice that on page 132, right below the listing for the PIC
16C84/F84 is a PIC with a built-in LCD driver, the PIC 16C92X.
Has anyone had any experience with this one?  It seems like it
might be more appropriate for projects that utilize an LCD
output rather than finagling a 16F84 to do it.


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