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'Pic demo board w all the goodies'
1999\02\26@140746 by Jon Petty

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I was wondering if anyone knows of a proto or demo board for pic16xxx micros
that is similar to Atmels starter kit 200. The Pic Demo board is pretty
limited and no headers for port access.

The Atmel STK 200 has on/off switch, 8 leds, 8 pushbutton switches, serial DB9
and max202, headers for all the ports, accomodate all parts even those with
a/d, 2 pots, sockets for ram and other peripherals, LCD header, and jumpers to
use ports for other then LED's and switches, provides ISP (just leave the chip
in, program and test) and all for $49.

I've been looking for a Pic board with similar capabilities with no luck.

What do you know?


1999\02\26@184154 by Jeff Jolie


Check out Diversified Engineering at
they have a Qik Start 16 which is a development/training module for use with
the pic 12cxxx and 16cxxx microcontrollers.  I think the cost is $99.00.

Jeff Jolie
New England Automated
Machine Engineering, Inc.

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1999\02\27@001310 by Eduardo R.

I had not ever heard about that company before.......Has anyone  had
experience with their products?  Quik Start 16 looks fine and affordable.

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1999\02\27@145650 by Jim Paul

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I have one of the Qik-Start boards I recently ordered from Future
and yes it is very favorable.   There are headers for every port pin, will
8 thru 40 pin parts, has 8 LED's, 3 P/B's, 4 pots for A/D experiments, an 8
serial EEPROM memory socket that I believe can be used for either SPI or
a small breadboard area for user circuits, a DB-9 connector with a MAX232
for RS-232 communications, an RJ-11 connector for some sort of debugger, a
socketed oscillator(14 pin only), it can be powered by a 9V battery,
external ac-dc
power supply, or it can be plugged into a design center by the same company
powered from that units power supply.  It looks to be a good quality board,
and the
price is right.   I like the one I got, and it definitely beats the
Microchip DEM-X boards.
I believe you can't go wrong.


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