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PICList Thread
'Pic Assembler for Unix (at last)'
1994\09\07@082533 by crocontroller discussion list

Dear all,

I have just posted my PIC assembler for unix to
called pictools.tgz and (I hope).  This will
no doubt be moved under the /pub/microprocs/pic heirarchy soon.

I has been written using gcc (ANSI C) under Linux, but should be
very portable!  It is version 0.1 and may/will have bugs so don't
just trust it on OTP parts until you simulate (you mean you don't
already) and use EPROM/EEPROM parts for first prototypes!

Anyway hope you like it



p.s. If it does not appear in a couple of days I will try again
p.p.s. If you really can't wait or don't have ftp access then I
      could e-mail it to you (~40k bytes uuencoded), but the
      number of people who I could do this for is limited!

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