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'Pic 16C84 Pricing'
1995\11\02@200455 by Ben L Wirz

Hello Everyone,

       As you may or may not know, I have been trying to put together a
bulk buy of the PIC 16C84, 10 Mhz, 18 pin Dip.  There have been several
post about people purchasing these in the $2.50 price range.  Of those
individuals I have contacted, all have purchased in the 5-10 thousand
quanity.  Our order will most likely be in the 100 quanity.  If any knows
of a source that anywhere near that price in the 100 quanity, please let
me know about it.  Or if someone wants to let us tack our order onto
theirs, let me know.

       Also, if you want to be included in the order please email so I
can add you to my macro.  I have sent a sort of confirmation letter to
everyone who is one the macro already, if you didn't get one your not on
it.  Let me know if you didn't get it.


1995\11\04@211415 by William D. McMillan

picon face
What price range do you expect them to fall in?

1995\11\06@135344 by Michael Robin

In regards to your request for pricing on the Pic 16C84, we at PARALLAX, INC.
are selling this PIC for the following:


We offer a variety of low-cost 8-bit CMOS devices that incorporate a CPU,
(E)EPROM, RAM, and I/O, all for as little as $4.00.  Newer PIC's have enhanced
features, such as interrupts, A/D, EEPROM, and PWM, all for consistently
reasonable prices.

We offer a number of PIC development tools, including assemblers, simulators,
compilers, programmers, and in-circuit emulators.

We can be contacted at:

phone:          (916) 624-8333

               Thank You,
                       Michael J. Robin

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