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'Pic 1 Starter kit help ( Solved )'
2006\03\24@213703 by joll

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Thanks for the reply William.  I had already tried your suggestion by the
time you responded. Looks like knowing C is going to be an assest here. But
it just gave me more errors.   Tried this that and the other thing.

Turns out, I was using the project wizard to build for a 16f84 as opposed to
a 16f684.

I have to mention that the "evil genius" book did not account for this.  It
didnt even say to use the project wizard at all.  The book just said open a
new project, and apparently, the build options on a default project dont

Im using the Hi-tech suite for a compiler if I understand correctly.

Well, you guys will be seeing me.

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2006\03\27@043248 by Michael Rigby-Jones

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For the HiTech compiler, you include the generic header file <pic.h>.  This automaticly includes the appropriate chip specific header as defined by the device specified on the compiler command line.



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