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'Phonecard emulating'
1998\07\14@001906 by Demonio

picon face
I'm working on emulating
a phonecard with the PIC16F84. After a long time
trying to beat the metal detector in the Schlumberger
telephone I discover the wafer cards. This dont help
too much because these cards have not internal oscillator
and MCLR of the PIC is conected to R/W pin, which
makes impossible to write a program for the 16F84 to
work. well, I want to ask you if you know if there is a
wafer card with internal oscillator or some suitable card
matching the ISO7816 or any information about this.

Thank you very much and excuse my english!!!

1998\07\14@032121 by Dr. Imre Bartfai

Hey dude,
the phonecards also have no internal oscillator, so theoretically it is
possible to do it. I have hear from reliable sources it exists at us (in
Hungary; we are using the France system which is an EPROM-like one).
However, it is us a crime threated with up to three year clink. Here is a
nice story about it:

there were some corrupt policemen in Hungary. They took some "endless"
phone card (in is an emulated and rechargeable phone card prohibited by
law mentioned above) and put in public telephones. Then they undercovered
beneath. If the victim comes, he/she looked at the slot and tought: "Hah!
Someone had forgotten his card. Now I can talk for free!" (of course, the
victim did NOT know it is a bogus card and the situation is a pitfall). If
he/she began to talk the policemen discovered themselves and told him to
be judged for three years unless he/she makes a deal with them: the local
Phone Company pays a finder's prize of 30000 HUF (about $150) for each
bogus card, so they said they can forget the story if they get the same
sum. Without bill, of course. Nasty enough, ugghh?

What would YOU do in similar situation?

Excuse for the off-topic, but I think it is the bandwidth worth.


On Tue, 14 Jul 1998, Demonio wrote:

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