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'Parrellax Emulator'
1996\08\13@212207 by Brad Pousland

Any one have opinions about Parrellax's emulator and software?


1996\08\14@101356 by Mark K Sullivan


I haven't used their emulator.  I have used their programmer and assembler and
had no trouble with either, but now use MPASM (which is free, anyway).  I am
violently opposed to the Parallax 8051-like alternative assembler language.

Everyone: please learn native PIC code.  It's easy *and* it's fun!

- Mark Sullivan -

1996\08\15@213905 by EVAN CRANNA

We have two of the Parallax Clearview xx Emulators. We have had almost
no diffculty with them thus far.  We have good support from their
technical people (John Barrowman) as well as other staff.
Our greatest regret is that Parallax did not let us know while we were
purchasing the Clearview xx emulators that their improved Mathias
Emulator was so close to being introduced to the market place.  The
rebate offer to exchange the Clearview Emulators for the Mathias was not
the most generous offer and would have required us to take too much of a
Despite all of that, I still find their product and their support to be
good and would recommend it still. I know others will disagree but I can
only relate our experience.
                               Evan Cranna
                               Preferred Electronics

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