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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'Code hopping with PICS'
1994\12\13@162736 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\12\14@105058 by tom
1994\12\14@225157 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\12\15@223244 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\12\16@001256 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\12\16@022542 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\12\16@130627 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\12\16@141219 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\12\16@161440 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\12\16@162305 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\12\17@011301 by tom

'16C84 application questions'
1995\02\16@022155 by Andrew Warren

'Suppliers' WWW pages'
1995\04\04@211309 by Richard John Farmer
1995\04\05@074153 by Timothy McDonough DIAL UP1
'PIC's and floppy (or IDE) drives'
1995\04\17@085047 by Lou Sortman
'Pic's and Floppy interfacing'
1995\04\18@154633 by Eric Smith

'App note 589'
1995\05\31@092225 by Patrick C Leger

'App note 589'
1995\06\01@091024 by Errington A
'Simple, cheap power supply'
1995\06\25@124524 by Reg Neale
1995\06\25@163026 by Mike Keitz
1995\06\26@094520 by Jerome Knapp
1995\06\26@132154 by Claus K|hnel

'2's Complement compare for 12 bit data - HELPPPPPP'
1995\07\03@213848 by nino.benci
'12 Bit signed compare. HELLLPPPPPP.'
1995\07\04@193147 by nino.benci
'Apple Mouse Repeater'
1995\07\13@223714 by Chris Matus

'PIC support components'
1995\08\09@223332 by Jeff Fisher
1995\08\10@005348 by Brian Read
'Pic programmer - blowpic support'
1995\08\11@032452 by Antti Lukats

1995\09\02@034445 by Kalle Pihlajasaari
'The MIPI concept (now MIPP concept)'
1995\09\05@094232 by Siegfried Grob
'What's happened?'
1995\09\26@210459 by Tom Kellett
1995\09\26@233145 by Timothy McDonough DIAL UP1
1995\09\27@044318 by Conny Andersson
1995\09\27@075211 by Paul Greenwood
1995\09\27@155111 by Paul Christenson [N3EOP]

'whats happend'
1995\10\05@063654 by Kenny Baby
1995\10\05@100416 by
'Microchip support'
1995\10\12@092437 by Stuart Allman
1995\10\12@094134 by Paul Christenson [N3EOP]
1995\10\12@094338 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
1995\10\12@094547 by Paul Christenson [N3EOP]
1995\10\12@095623 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
1995\10\12@172232 by Falstaff
1995\10\12@180501 by Stuart Allman
1995\10\12@190215 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
1995\10\13@022335 by Andrew Warren
1995\10\13@085605 by Stuart Allman
'Burnt power suppl'
1995\10\17@125752 by Papageorgiou Spiros
1995\10\18@114202 by Cheang Tak Meng, Felix
1995\10\21@155008 by Hugo Ahrens
'application notes'
1995\10\30@051051 by MARAMI%IREARN.bitnet
1995\10\30@061643 by Conny Andersson

'application notes'
1995\11\01@014258 by MARAMI%IREARN.bitnet
1995\11\01@075209 by Robert Schwenke
'Apple Desktop Bus Interfacing'
1995\11\01@200926 by Chris Smolinski
1995\11\01@214442 by Eric Seeley
'Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) Interfacing'
1995\11\04@220056 by Chris Smolinski
1995\11\05@133055 by Eric Brewer
'FYI - Picstart Design Contest Application Brief No'
1995\11\07@152034 by Harrison Cooper
'Anyone know a source for stepper motors?'
1995\11\16@092735 by Mike Goelzer
1995\11\16@122554 by Michael Robin
1995\11\16@152826 by Don McKenzie
1995\11\16@181312 by Carl Connett
1995\11\17@200116 by John Barrowman
1995\11\25@064159 by Erik Hermann
1995\11\25@094649 by Byron A Jeff

1995\12\01@112625 by David Tait
'PIC Postscript Application notes'
1995\12\01@114541 by Tommy Brown
'Floppy drive speed controller'
1995\12\18@193333 by Adam Eberbach
'DUPLICATE PICLIST MESSAGES (was: "Floppy drive spe'
1995\12\18@232042 by Andrew Warren
1995\12\19@002059 by Ian Stirling
1995\12\19@003137 by Adam Eberbach
1995\12\19@074413 by William Kitchen
'was: "Floppy drive speed controller"'
1995\12\19@172641 by Damien M.Wiles
1995\12\19@184423 by Mike Keitz
1995\12\19@190409 by Brian Read
1995\12\20@075706 by John Welling
1995\12\20@075706 by John Welling
1995\12\20@184235 by Damien M.Wiles
'DUPLICATE PICLIST MESSAGES (was: "Floppy drive spe'
1995\12\20@220223 by John Payson
1995\12\20@233833 by Andrew Warren

'Stepper Motors'
1996\03\19@100659 by muel Yerardi
'Support of pseudo-instructions'
1996\03\21@113111 by Harrison Cooper
1996\03\21@130754 by Kim Cooper

'Fuzzy Explorer (app only)'
1996\04\16@150656 by Harrison Cooper
'PIC16C84 Remote Frequency Counter Application'
1996\04\29@030254 by Peter Homann
1996\04\29@095628 by Stuart Allman
1996\04\29@103547 by Chaipi Wijnbergen
1996\04\30@051105 by mike

'Concerned wether PIC 16C5X is adequate for my appl'
1996\05\12@153335 by NEIL GANDLER
1996\05\13@091557 by Mike DeMetz
1996\05\13@121305 by Daniel Henzulea
1996\05\14@074142 by Alexandre Guimaraes
'PIC programmer for Apple'
1996\05\14@160737 by fragui
1996\05\14@160737 by fragui
1996\05\17@140631 by John Miskimins
1996\05\17@162823 by Otmar Ebenhoech
1996\05\17@162823 by Otmar Ebenhoech
'Transformerless DC supply'
1996\05\23@164958 by Harrison Cooper
1996\05\23@211902 by Benjamin Tober
'Single Chip Power Supply'
1996\05\26@072834 by Gavin Jackson
'Definition of slow ramp up power supply in pic dat'
1996\05\30@055757 by NEIL GANDLER
1996\05\30@063825 by 9 NPL, 2227
1996\05\30@085157 by Reginald Neale
1996\05\30@104926 by Mark K Sullivan

'PP1 Software update.'
1996\06\02@214453 by Don McKenzie
1996\06\02@223342 by Newfound Electronics
'modems & approval'
1996\06\03@095006 by Harrison Cooper
'modems & approval -Reply'
1996\06\03@102551 by CDSI
1996\06\03@103024 by Wireless Scientific
1996\06\03@105438 by David Knell
1996\06\03@110859 by Wireless Scientific
1996\06\03@131212 by fastfwd
1996\06\03@143948 by Eric Smith
'Appology for sending attachments'
1996\06\04@194016 by Jattie van der Linde
1996\06\04@203545 by Bryan Hord
1996\06\04@232358 by Peter J. Crowcroft
1996\06\05@051444 by Mayes
1996\06\05@062243 by Jeff Otterson/N1KDO
1996\06\05@092604 by Kevin Krauel
1996\06\05@145704 by Eric Smith
'Supposed "inverting" slave port...'
1996\06\05@170717 by rdmiller
'Appology for sending attachments'
1996\06\05@201013 by Stephen John Farthing
'Pic Plus Shipping yet?'
1996\06\06@113209 by Jerome Knapp
1996\06\06@115321 by Philip Restuccia
1996\06\06@142014 by Dave Ritchie
'MAXIM Power Supplies'
1996\06\11@110330 by myke predko
'MAXIM Power Supplies -Reply'
1996\06\11@114247 by CDSI
1996\06\11@130616 by Mike Riendeau
'Tapping the Xtal Oscillator'
1996\06\11@211932 by Newfound Electronics
'MAXIM Power Supplies'
1996\06\12@034535 by Jattie van der Linde
'Tapping the Xtal Oscillator'
1996\06\12@072654 by Rick Miller
'Re[2]: MAXIM Power Supplies'
1996\06\12@084649 by Mike Riendeau
'Tapping the Xtal Oscillator'
1996\06\12@093524 by Mark K Sullivan
'MAXIM Power Supplies'
1996\06\12@101634 by myke predko
1996\06\12@110633 by LEUNG LAUREN KWAN-KIT
'Tapping the Xtal Oscillator'
1996\06\13@051758 by Kalle Pihlajasaari
'MAXIM Power Supplies'
1996\06\13@054740 by Jattie van der Linde
1996\06\13@063821 by Keith Dowsett
1996\06\13@105050 by eyal
'PIC applications'
1996\06\20@160731 by Brad Alexander
1996\06\21@072104 by Rick Miller
1996\06\21@074825 by Don McKenzie
'ITU PIC-1 programming, how can it support in circu'
1996\06\23@042254 by NEIL GANDLER
'Single stepping the PIC-Eval'
1996\06\25@220438 by Doug Manzer
'MLIST.VBX missing, InpOut.DLL replacement OOOOOPPP'
1996\06\26@065323 by Kalle Pihlajasaari
'PIC 16C84 programmer and APPLE'
1996\06\26@192255 by fragui
1996\06\27@061421 by David Tait
1996\06\27@094252 by Antti Lukats
1996\06\27@114145 by Newfound Electronics
1996\06\27@135634 by Reginald Neale
'Any app notes for the SCI of the PIC16c74?'
1996\06\30@065002 by NEIL GANDLER

'Memory mapped I/O on 17c44'
1996\07\13@065215 by Frans gunawan
1996\07\13@094042 by Byron A Jeff
1996\07\14@020803 by Frans gunawan
'Swapping registers'
1996\07\18@014606 by Steve Hardy
'PWM application'
1996\07\20@193731 by fgunawan
'Need cheap supply of PIC16C54A-04/P'
1996\07\22@110754 by M.Dad
'PC Powersupply Current?'
1996\07\30@013816 by Lauw Lim Un Tung
'PC Powersupply Current? -Reply'
1996\07\30@080945 by Mark Jurras
'UART needed for this application?'
1996\07\30@093311 by david
1996\07\31@044440 by Ronald Leenes

'UART needed for this application?'
1996\08\02@072558 by Thomas Coonan
1996\08\02@113406 by John Payson
'PC Powersupply Current? -Reply'
1996\08\03@051857 by Brad Turnert
1996\08\03@053559 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
1996\08\03@072816 by Kalle Pihlajasaari
1996\08\03@165932 by William Chops Westfield
1996\08\04@044506 by Ray Gardiner
1996\08\04@204959 by Brian Read
'PC Powersupply Current? -Reply -Reply'
1996\08\05@080950 by Mark Jurras
'Low power 3V supply'
1996\08\06@033314 by engmessi
1996\08\06@041716 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
1996\08\06@042753 by engmessi
1996\08\06@090007 by Ray Crampton
1996\08\06@111825 by Jimmie Curry
'Automotive Applications'
1996\08\12@073936 by Barry Bridgman
1996\08\12@094518 by Bruce Bowling
'Low power 3V supply'
1996\08\15@021130 by gary skinner
'Appreciation for PICLIST'
1996\08\21@101933 by Dana Frank Raymond
'Stepper Motors'
1996\08\23@184735 by Philip Lalone
1996\08\25@140251 by Mark K Sullivan
1996\08\25@211047 by Philip Lalone
1996\08\25@212128 by Prashant Bhandary
1996\08\26@064020 by R.J.Smith
're stepper motor driver'
1996\08\26@085630 by kevin harris
'Stepper Motors'
1996\08\26@085635 by Mark K Sullivan
'Multiplexing stepping motors'
1996\08\31@051005 by rrose
1996\08\31@201145 by Todd Peterson

'Multiplexing stepper motors'
1996\09\01@212119 by Mark K Sullivan
'Multiplexing stepping motors'
1996\09\02@035527 by liebchen
'Multiplexing stepper motors'
1996\09\02@122939 by Mark K Sullivan

'Using PC power supplies'
1996\10\08@122142 by Toby Stensland
'Vpp Variate (Was: Don McKenzie P16C84 programmer u'
1996\10\09@070621 by Alex I. Torres
'Windows PIC Programmer App'
1996\10\10@142347 by Maurice De Jersey
1996\10\11@075415 by tjaart
1996\10\11@123622 by
'rs-232 stepper control'
1996\10\20@085413 by BARBAROS ASUROGLU
1996\10\20@090654 by BARBAROS ASUROGLU
1996\10\20@091110 by BARBAROS ASUROGLU

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