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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'Surplus PIC tools'
1995\01\26@021652 by Lance Walley
1995\01\26@101230 by John M. Johnson

'surplus.txt file as promised'
1995\02\04@143614 by Andrew Warren

'interfacing surplus Sony 60-disc CD changers'
1995\03\16@021309 by Eric Smith

'picstart plus'
1996\03\21@053659 by MK Walton
1996\03\21@142640 by Andrew Warren

'PIC14000 and Picstart Plus'
1996\05\22@224517 by Ben Kwok-Yiu Li
'PIC Start Plus Availability'
1996\05\23@082657 by Smith, Blair
1996\05\23@085601 by Mark D Doble
1996\05\23@125943 by Todd Peterson
1996\05\23@143255 by Dave Ritchie
'Initial MPLAB + PICStart Plus Comments'
1996\05\31@094318 by myke predko

'PicStart Plus 8 pin?'
1996\06\02@225659 by Don McKenzie
1996\06\02@232019 by fastfwd
'Pic Plus Shipping yet?'
1996\06\06@113209 by Jerome Knapp
1996\06\06@115321 by Philip Restuccia
1996\06\06@142014 by Dave Ritchie
'Picstart Plus Data EEPROM programming'
1996\06\23@185139 by Brent Miller
1996\06\27@131922 by Darrel Johansen
1996\06\28@135023 by Brent Miller
1996\06\28@225919 by Darrel Johansen

1996\07\11@144807 by Scott Dattalo
'PicStart Plus & PIC14000'
1996\07\12@043819 by Pedro Renato e Vasco
1996\07\12@080836 by Mark Jurras
1996\07\14@132954 by Odriozola Belden
1996\07\15@210845 by Scott Dattalo

'PICStart Plus and Win95 incompatibilities??'
1996\08\30@161012 by optoeng

'Using the Picstart Plus to program other micro's?'
1996\09\12@110312 by Werner Terreblanche
1996\09\12@120546 by antti
1996\09\12@195447 by Robert Lunn
1996\09\12@232729 by mike
1996\09\13@031942 by Werner Terreblanche
1996\09\13@095008 by Jim Robertson
1996\09\13@095356 by Jim Robertson
1996\09\16@045116 by Werner Terreblanche
1996\09\17@091958 by Jim Robertson
1996\09\18@021917 by Werner Terreblanche
'Problems with MPLAB 3.10 and PICStart Plus 1.20'
1996\09\30@232821 by myke predko

'Problems with MPLAB 3.10 and PICStart Plus 1.20'
1996\10\01@085659 by Philip Restuccia
1996\10\03@171151 by myke predko
'Picstart Plus and MPLAB problems'
1996\10\10@233935 by Barry Bine
1996\10\10@235431 by optoeng
1996\10\11@071504 by Stefan Bormann
1996\10\12@032110 by andreabelian
'MPLAB and Picstart Plus compatibility.'
1996\10\15@094926 by Werner Terreblanche
1996\10\15@120301 by Todd Peterson
1996\10\15@122419 by myke predko
1996\10\15@134457 by Shawn Ellis
1996\10\16@011419 by tjaart
1996\10\16@024450 by Werner Terreblanche
'Picstart Plus and MPLAB problems'
1996\10\16@171323 by Cynetics Corp.
1996\10\17@025858 by tjaart
1996\10\17@130516 by Darrel Johansen
'Re[2]: MPLAB and Picstart Plus compatibility.'
1996\10\23@094356 by myke predko

'PICSTART PLUS Programmer'
1996\11\03@222739 by JeffScholz
'PicStart Plus for Sale.'
1996\11\04@092409 by Jerome Knapp
'Another PICSTART PLUS programmer'
1996\11\04@110430 by David J. Porter
'PICSTART PLUS Programmer'
1996\11\05@080339 by Joe Dowlen
1996\11\05@210228 by JeffScholz

'Surplus component pinout needed!'
1997\01\22@151013 by Tim Kerby
1997\01\22@165529 by Brian Boles
1997\01\22@214518 by Sarunas Cepulis

1997\02\10@022924 by Tim Kerby
'Updating PICSTART PLUS..'
1997\02\25@063110 by Juan Manuel Mu–oz

'PicStart Plus serial protocol?'
1997\03\22@104419 by Robert Zeff
1997\03\22@193118 by Kevin Coble

'Upgrading the Picstart Plus--HELP!'
1997\04\11@090553 by Mark Jurras
1997\04\11@114909 by myke predko
1997\04\14@123357 by myke predko
1997\04\16@091323 by Mark Jurras
'The Arts need your support now! and picstart plus '
1997\04\21@230338 by Jeff Otterson/N1KDO
1997\04\22@003227 by tjaart

'picstart plus'
1997\05\06@090421 by in Harris & Alison Smith
1997\05\06@220934 by deweerd
1997\05\06@221200 by Andrew Russell Morris
1997\05\06@235134 by gmdsr
1997\05\07@114332 by n/a
1997\05\07@124047 by Philip Restuccia
1997\05\07@135635 by rtracy
1997\05\07@185847 by ernie Gordon
1997\05\13@150145 by Michael Lea
1997\05\13@161747 by Paykar Chamani
1997\05\13@203443 by .
'USA and electronic + surplus sites/shops'
1997\05\20@155644 by Kalle Pihlajasaari
'picstart plus & NT4'
1997\05\23@103050 by ichael Warwick
1997\05\23@122841 by rtracy
1997\05\23@140908 by andreabelian

'picstart plus hot socket'
1997\06\08@172336 by Jerry English
1997\06\09@051949 by David Gould
1997\06\10@015752 by Jim Robertson
'picstart plus, is there any point'
1997\06\10@020849 by Jim Robertson
'picstart plus hot socket'
1997\06\10@082345 by Jerry English
'picstart plus, is there any point'
1997\06\10@203738 by David Gould
'picstart plus hot socket'
1997\06\10@211126 by Mike Keitz
1997\06\10@222952 by Stephen R. Synakowski
'1x Discount picstart plus in Oz.'
1997\06\11@004856 by Jim Robertson
'picstart plus hot socket'
1997\06\11@011315 by Bruce Cannon
1997\06\11@103048 by Gerhard Fiedler
'picstart plus, is there any point'
1997\06\11@115215 by Jim Robertson
'PICSTART PLUS tools (was Re: Development platform '
1997\06\12@190535 by Jeff Otterson/N1KDO

'PicStart Plus firmware'
1997\07\11@102143 by Mike DeMetz
1997\07\11@121748 by Larry G. Nelson Sr.
1997\07\11@124059 by Lee Jones
1997\07\24@034231 by Campbell Scientific Australia
1997\07\24@052750 by Ben Roothooft
1997\07\24@094640 by Dunn, Fred
1997\07\24@103259 by myke predko
1997\07\24@114719 by Reginald Neale
'PICSTART Plus DOS Version?'
1997\07\24@120904 by Jerry Meng
1997\07\24@123634 by stoney
1997\07\24@143132 by Michael Coop
1997\07\24@145830 by ken
1997\07\24@150701 by don.blake
1997\07\28@154316 by britton

1997\08\13@031550 by Campbell Scientific Australia
1997\08\15@114332 by Darryl Masters
'EPIC Pocket Plus PIC Programmer'
1997\08\22@115445 by Mark Dennehy
1997\08\22@132816 by Ravindra Divekar
'PicStart Plus Updated...'
1997\08\26@122528 by Juan Manuel Muqoz Caqadillas

'PICstart plus for other things ?'
1997\09\08@050356 by Michael Coop (pjm)
'MPASM and Picstart Plus Problems'
1997\09\12@120613 by Dave Kingma
1997\09\12@125231 by Thomas Magin
1997\09\12@144735 by Dave Kingma
1997\09\12@180316 by Matt Bonner
1997\09\12@180720 by Matt Bonner
1997\09\12@200054 by dporter
1997\09\12@222718 by Dave Kingma
1997\09\12@234406 by Mark Hellman
1997\09\14@021858 by arthur
1997\09\14@071706 by paulb
1997\09\14@110811 by arthur
'PICStart Plus'
1997\09\18@055915 by Herbert Baar
1997\09\18@061159 by : Cassie Carstens
'Picstart Plus socket adapter..?'
1997\09\27@230524 by Pioneer Microsystems

'PicStart Plus'
1997\10\03@153013 by unthiti Patchararungruang
'PICSTART Plus and 93LC46'
1997\10\13@183932 by Peter Popowicz
1997\10\14@113017 by engelec
'Picstart plus comms'
1997\10\16@102639 by tjaart
1997\10\16@130433 by Harold Hallikainen
1997\10\17@120540 by mike
'mplab+picstart plus cut'n'paste'
1997\10\28@001232 by Bob Blick
1997\10\28@002847 by tjaart
1997\10\28@133355 by Steve Smith
'PicStart Plus problem with NT 4.0'
1997\10\28@141754 by Jon Bertrand
1997\10\28@143517 by Lee Jones
1997\10\28@150201 by Larry Payne

'PICSTART PLUS is making me insane!'
1997\11\10@162350 by fdalton
'16C9XX Picstart Plus 68PLCC adapter'
1997\11\12@004515 by Eric Earnst
1997\11\12@111235 by Pioneer Microsystems
1997\11\12@113843 by Rick Dickinson
'PICSTART PLUS is NO LONGER making me insane!'
1997\11\13@075807 by fdalton
'16C9XX Picstart Plus 68PLCC adapter'
1997\11\13@111145 by Josef Hanzal
'PICSTART PLUS and Win 95'
1997\11\13@191229 by Sean Breheny
1997\11\14@010215 by Bob Blick
1997\11\14@010425 by Mike Keitz
1997\11\14@093807 by n/a
1997\11\14@105809 by Mike Keitz
1997\11\14@105818 by Steve Smith
1997\11\14@110832 by mike
1997\11\14@115418 by Matt Bonner
1997\11\26@213234 by Andre Lategan
1997\11\26@225429 by Andrew Warren
1997\11\27@035046 by Mike Watson

'Windows NT4 and PICStart Plus?'
1997\12\05@002417 by CCSystems
1997\12\05@134206 by Bob Shaver
'Picstart Plus vs 16C54'
1997\12\13@023636 by Gabriel Gonzalez
'Need help on Picstart Plus development programmer?'
1997\12\19@014922 by Alvin Tan
1997\12\19@084131 by darrelj
1997\12\19@085615 by Brian Schousek
1997\12\20@175537 by FScalini
1997\12\24@172826 by Jim Main
1997\12\25@031849 by snsscj1
1997\12\25@083416 by Gene Norris
'Problems in comunications with PICSTART PLUS'
1997\12\27@162917 by MarcusD

'Installing PicStart Plus'
1998\01\05@151219 by howard e. michel jr.
1998\01\06@001532 by Alvin Tan
'Installing PicStart Plus on Doze 95'
1998\01\06@165616 by XYGAX
1998\01\06@214823 by Blad Cap
'Problems with PC->PICSTART plus programmer connect'
1998\01\19@121423 by Massimo Ursicino
1998\01\20@014410 by wterreb
1998\01\21@094416 by Ed Todd
1998\01\21@203136 by Blad Cap
1998\01\23@235945 by William Chapman
1998\01\24@190153 by Darrel Johansen
1998\01\24@192310 by Charles Laforge
1998\01\25@013110 by Darrel Johansen
1998\01\25@100433 by wwl
1998\01\25@133612 by Charles Laforge

'[OT] off topic AC Power -- plus DC'
1998\02\01@065225 by Morgan Olsson
'Pic Start Plus'
1998\02\19@072555 by TORRENS SR
1998\02\19@195151 by Mark Lezama
1998\02\20@063258 by Caisson
'PIC START PLUS From Digi-Key'
1998\02\21@151839 by Mike
1998\02\21@154542 by Calvin
1998\02\21@162036 by Charles Laforge
1998\02\21@162915 by Sean Breheny
1998\02\21@174318 by Ken Pergola
1998\02\21@194506 by Charles Laforge
1998\02\21@215702 by Herbert Graf
1998\02\21@220715 by Richard Nowak

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