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'PLD Question - sorta off topic reply'
1999\08\20@095121 by Harrison Cooper

Hey Andy...want to make some $$$?  Design a PC/104 analog output card, 8 or
16 channels, that drives 4-20mA.  I finally found one, and ordered it, to
get a phone call from the poor engineer saying he couldn't make it work
(makes me wonder if marketing call him and tell them we can't
sell it!!).  He said he was using the Analog Devices chips that takes 0-10V
and converts to current drive,but had too much noise in his board.  I
finally had to use a ISA to PC/104 adapter and use a more expensive ISA

1999\08\20@101838 by Andy Kunz

>Hey Andy...want to make some $$$?  Design a PC/104 analog output card, 8 or

I need to make some.  Bought a new copier just the other day <G>

I don't do much analog, and have nobody asking me for the interface (other
than you), and never needed it myself, so it probably won't happen any time


Andy Kunz               Life is what we do to prepare for Eternity
------------------------------------------------------------------     - Race Boats - Electronics

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