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'PICstart Errors (more)'
1995\06\14@094841 by Harrison Cooper

I always kinda ignored the errors, because when burning OTPs, I would
also get an error on the fuse burn (more so on a 386SX vs a 486).  I do
have a fast serial port on my 486, and not on the 386SX.  However, if I
go in and burn the fuses only,, it will reburn them properly.  BTW, the
error is that the fuse didn't burn at all (FF), so I am able to reburn the
fuse only.  I have also had better success when first burning the fuses then
dumping the program to the part.  Also never seems to happen on the window

On another subject, has anyone attended the seminar ?  I hate to go to these
things when you just hear the same old marketing stuff.  At least when they
are inhouse, you can always get up and leave.  Comments anyone (even from
Microchip)?  Besides, Motorola is trying to entice me with the new 6805 type
part right now.  Who knows, maybe I'll use both on my next board.

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