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'PICsim update [2]'
1995\06\22@050742 by Russ Casey

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Russ here (again)

Thank you to all the people who let me know of their interest in PICsim, and
especially those who gave me ideas for PICsim's future development. I can now
assure you that I will be continuing to develop PICsim, and I will upload a
Beta test version soonish.. I still have some bugs to fix, and I'm a bit busy
at the moment..

--A few notes about PICsim's design--
PICsim is designed to be able to simulate the operation of ANY PIC, possibly
even any microcontroller. It does this by keeping all the chip-specific stuff
away from the main executable, in a DLL and a configuration text file. The
specifications of the interface to these modules will be published, so any
one will be able to modify PICsim to simulate new things. This also means that
when Microchip start making a new kind of PIC, PICsim does not need to be
recompiled and redistributed, just ftp the new files, add a line to PICSIM.INI,
and you're away!

Stay tuned,


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