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'PICs available (was 16C63?)'
1995\11\21@141102 by John Magrane

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The following PICs are currently being manufactured (most are fully production
released, however some are just sampling, with release imminent).

16C54                   16C63
16C54A                  16C64
16C55                   16C65
16C56                   16C71
16C57                   16C71A
16C57A                  16C72
16C58A                  16C73
16C620                  16C74
16C621                  16C84
16C622                  17C42
16C61                   17C43
16C62                   17C44

If you want more info on a particular part, contact me directly.

John Magrane
FAE Bell Industries
Tel: 408 734-8570
Fax: 408 734-8875

1995\11\22@113203 by ken

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Can anyone tell me more about the 16C71A, I have been on to my supplier, and it
is not on thier list of Micro Chip parts.

I am using the 71 in a project at the moment and would be keen to use the 71A
if it is cheaper part.

|   ken hewitt                |   Email   |

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