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'PICSTART PLUS is NO LONGER making me insane!'
1997\11\13@075807 by fdalton

After a month of fiddling with MPLAB 3.30 & PICSTART PLUS 1.40,
I was unable to burn the "calibration memory" on a PIC14000.
Every time I tried it I got the following message:

"Please verify serial and power connections &
reset programmer (0020,01,00,71)"

I tried every possible serial configuration I could think
of, but to no avail.

However, the MicroChip tech folks came up with a solution that
I would like to share with any others who are having serial
communications difficulties with their PICSTART PLUS.
The following is an *edited* quote from a MicroChip technical
support person (who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent):

>      PICSTART Plus versions 1.30.00 and 1.40.00 have a slight difference in
>      serial communication handling.  In a nutshell, PICSTART Plus toggles
>      some of the hardware handshaking signals very quickly, and some PCs
>      have a problem seeing the changes.  Version 1.30.00 had a method for
>      resetting the PC, but it messed up some machines, so it was taken out
>      for v1.40.00 .... [Version v1.41a is] an alternate version
>      of v1.41 with the old resetting back in.  You should use it only
>      if v1.30 worked on your machine but v1.40 does not.

So there you have it.  They e-mailed me the v1.41a release, and presto,
everything works just great now.  They also responded within 48 hours,
which is not bad in my estimation.

  /\         Frank Dalton (
 //\\        Pine Instrument Company
///\\\       101 Industrial Drive
////\\\\      Grove City, PA 16127
  ||         (412) 458-6391

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