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'PICSTART 16B1 programming problems'
1997\05\11@015456 by Bob Armstrong

 I have an old PICstart 16B (the copyright date on the board is 1992)
that I upgraded by buying the upgrade kit from Microchip.  This consists
of a new CPU programmed with the 16B1 firmware v2.0 and MPS16B v5.0.0
software for the PC.

 Now when I try to program 16C54As, 55s, and 58As I have a strange problem.
I can load the .HEX file and program the chip, and then MPS16B does an
automatic verify pass.  This verify never finds any errors, but if I do another
verify pass manually, it will always find an error in programming location
001.  The bizzare thing is that it's always location 001 that fails, regardless
of what data or what device I'm programming.  I've tried using several
different chips always with the same results.

 The chips that I program this way don't run, so I'm guessing that they
are being programmed incorrectly.

 Any advice is appreciated.

Bob Armstrong

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