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'PICList Web Archive has been Updated and improved!'
2000\03\02@233206 by Alan Nickerson

First I will appologize that the Archive has not been maintained as well as
it should have in the last year or so. But I am also grateful that Jeff
Keyzer has also started an archive (we share links). I guess that is the
reason I have delayed so long in getting mine updated. Another issue is that
I had learned that the listserv server logs are not complete,  November 1998
is a good example of this and this made me think of not relying on the
listserv to get the archive from.

However, during the last year I have learned a few things, and the PICList
Web Archive and all of the PICList get to benefit.

Even though the Web site archive has not been updated I have a separate
E-Mail account that is subscribed to the PICList and has been amassing the
emails. This was start soon after I discovered the listserv logs issue.

Anyway on to the good stuff....

The Archive now has the support of 2 web servers!!
One is a P266 with 64M RAM and a 2.4G HD, and the only thing this server
does is handle the Archive database!! The other server is the same old P120
with an 850MB drive, but no longer has to support the 100MB+ archive. Also
in the works is a faster Internet connection. Currently at 128K/bps
(Dedicated Dual channel ISDN) the new server and the net connection are
provided by Imaging Technology Corp.

Also, new technology has been put into use. The Archive has been imported to
a MySQL database and is accessed via PHP3 generated web pages. The database
currently holds about 62,000 messages.
All duplicated messages have been removed as well as what SPAM I could find
using some key words.

Full text searching support is now possible.
Right now the searching can be done on the Subject only and can be limited
by the year or you can search the entire archive. But I would'nt recommend

Because of the power of the MySQL database and PHP3 web pages messages can
now be filtered better. If a message is deemed inapropriate it can be
removed very easily.

As always any problems or suggestions can be sent to
and please mention the PICList Web Archive.



2000\03\03@152523 by jamesnewton

face picon face
Nice job Alan, and THANK YOU! The new search is very handy.

James Newton (PICList Admin #3) 1-619-652-0593
PIC/PICList FAQ: or .org

{Original Message removed}

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