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'PICLIST Digest - EPROM eraser'
1998\11\30@095342 by miked

> I was about to order a $40 EPROM eraser for my PIC16C77/JW based project,
> but with the new PIC16F877 coming out early next year, I won't have much
> use for the eraser in the near future.  So, I was wondering if someone
> could recommend a cheap way to erase EPROMs, or a dirt cheap eraser?  I'm
> only going to be working with two chips, one in the eraser and one in
> program/debug.  The eraser I was looking at was the DATARASE IIAC, from
> Walling Co., sold by DigiKey for $39.95. I was hoping to spend <$20.
> Any ideas?
I picked up a DATAERASE at a hamfest for $4. It was set up for 2 24 pin
EPROMs. I had
to cut .3 inch slots for PICs. It consists of a switch,fuse,bulb and
mylar cap all in series
across the 110V line.

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