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PICList Thread
'PICLIST Digest - 7 Jul 1997 to 8 Jul 1997'
1997\07\09@102548 by lilel

> >Somethings I have been asking about for a while and others I just thought up:

1.   A saner approach to pin stimulus than the stimulus file.  There
should be a simple, intuitive graphical interface which will provide
stimulus, and tell the user when and where that stimulus will be
applied, either in TIME (microseconds), STEPS, etc.etc.

2.  I also agree a faster simulation is needed.

3.  I have been griping to Microschip about their error messages a
lot.  Many times there are errors that go unnoticed by MPLAB, often
once there is one error the rest of the list will be completely
irrelevant, and the results of the error checking routines are
cryptic at best (as are most error checking routines...)

--Lawrence Lile

1997\07\10@151322 by Ian Bennett

I wonder is anyone can help me with a slight niggle I have with MPLAB. Is
there any way I can
confgure the assembler to accept hex data as $?? instead of H'??' or 0x??,
both of which seem
to me to be somewhat awkward.

It would appear that decimal numbers can have the simpler format of .??? so
why not hex?

Ian Bennett

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