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PICList Thread
'PICLIST Digest - 7 Feb 1999 to 8 Feb 1999'
1999\02\09@082204 by Greg Holcomb

There have been several discussions about needing different C compilers
for the 12C508 series (12 bit core) and the 16C84 series (14 bit core).
Some of you  may be overlooking the possibility of using the 8 pin
12C671.  That part costs a little more than the 12C508, but it uses the
same compiler as the 16C84 (16C6x and 16C7x too).

This way you can pay a little more for the processors, instead of paying
for the seperate compiler in one lump sum.


1999\02\09@090729 by miked

> Andy Kunz wrote:
> > If you can find a copy of the NE544 data sheet, it's all in there.
>   Not on the web I suppose?  Certainly not NatSemi, SGS or T-I.  I
> gather it's a bit old!
> --
>   Cheers,
>         Paul B.
It was made by Signetics. The NE5044/5045 7 channel encoder/decoder and
the NE544 servo driver ic were used in almost all r/c systems from the
late '70s to early '90s.

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