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PICList Thread
'PICLIST Digest - 5 Dec 1997 to 6 Dec 1997'
1997\12\17@121409 by Brian Scearce

picon face
Bob Fehrenbach writes:
> Andy Kunz <spam_OUTmontanaTakeThisOuTspamFAST.NET> wrote:
> >No, in fact we often plug them into a powered-up circuit without a problem.
> >
>     In fact, some of us have done this with the chip rotated
>     180 degrees with similar results.  YMMV

Well, of course.  If the pins are pointing upwards, there's not
going to be any current transfer. ;-)

I've miswired servo connections and had output pins wired straight
to ground and turned on for 1-2 milliseconds every 20mS for several
minutes.  No damage to the PIC as far as I could tell.  Amazing.

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