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'PICLIST Digest - 31 Jan 1998 to 1 Feb 1998'
1998\02\02@092557 by miked

> I recently made the mistake of having the capacitor too far away from the
> PIC's Vdd and Vss.  Without the capacitor in the right place, I saw lots
> of high frequency noise on the power lines.  I only have a 20 Mhz
> oscilliscope.  There was certainly noise at 20 Mhz.  I assume that there
> was probably a fair amount of noise at 40 Mhz, but my scope can't show
> that.
> I didn't experiment to see how the noise correlated with the running
> program.
If you have noise at 20Mhz you may well have noise at the next harmonic,

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