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PICList Thread
'PICLIST Digest - 28 Jan 1997 to 29 Jan 1997'
1997\01\30@142710 by Richard A. Smith

>I have a project where I need a BIG scrolling-type display.  Big meaning
>with text about 4-6" tall and 20 or so characters (or more) wide, ideally
>with two lines possible.  It has to be bright (for viewing in very bright
>ambient light).  I thought of building one with discreet LED's and
>controlling with PIC's but what a chore that will be.  Does anyone know
>where/who sells these already built?  OR anyone ever made one of these


I am not sure if these are big enought for you but Capital Electronics has
signs for sale on thier web page.  I have never
bought any so I can't vouch for anyting.
Richard A. Smith, Alpha Geek

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