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PICList Thread
'PICLIST Digest - 27 Aug 1995 to 28 Aug 1995'
1995\08\30@150001 by Gene Silvernail

>Date:    Mon, 28 Aug 1995 21:25:00 EET
>From:    Norman Fick <spam_OUTnfickTakeThisOuTspamAZTEC.CO.ZA>
>Subject: Trig Functions on PIC16C74
>I need to do a SIN and COS function on the 16C74. Does anyone know about a
>routine out there (I don't feel up to re-inventing the wheel!!).
>A question for you guys who know-it-all. What are the
>dissadvantages/advantages of using a PIC (in general) as opposed to using
>the Motorola HC11 mcu. I am quite familiar with the PIC's, but have heard
>many good reports about the HC11's. (Please try to be unbiased in your
>answer :-) )
>Thanks a stack

Ditto for all the others comments.

The major gripe I've got against the pic parts is the fact that MicroChip
has not provided any
thing to compare to the HC11 in regards of direct access secondary storage
memory, with the
exception of the 17Cxx.

The Pic 74 series has the ability to go up against the HC11 in many areas
with one major problem. Where do you store
transient data. 192 bytes of RAM space forget it, in a moderate design a
large percentage of it is
taken up by the application. Don't by into Microchips endurance sales pitch
on their EEPROM as a
replacement for RAM. Tt will not work in situations that require moderate
Read/Write/Read cycle counts.

It amazes me that a company that has made the big boys at Motorola come out
with the 99 dollar
development system for the HC05 and a whack at winning a Jeep to boot,
doesn't get more serious about going
after their big dog the HC11.

Ability wise, the PICs with the exception of the 17Cxx, is closer to an HC05
then a HC11.
The PICS do scream compared to the HC11/HC05 but with limited lung capacity.

Gene P. Silvernail
Belhaven applied Technology

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