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'PICLIST Digest - 24 Feb 1998 to 25 Feb 1998'
1998\02\26@085243 by miked

> Meanwhile, has anyone got any rock-solid code for initialising the
> Noritake Itron CU20025ECPB-U1J vacuum florescent display module?
> My PIC seems to be doing it okay, but my printer-port bit-banging
> software is not. I thought it might be cable noise, but once it
> is initialised the chars don't seem to produce errors.
> The module interface resembles the popular HD44780 LCD interface,
> and certain web pages mention instruction times (which my PIC
> does not include, without any ill effects).
We use an ISE/Noritake CU406SCPB-T here which has a serial interface as
well as the parallel. Solder a jumper for baud rate and it was simple to
hook to a STAMP with SEROUT.
I have not tried the parallel interface.

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