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PICList Thread
'PICLIST Digest - 23 Mar 1996 to 24 Mar 1996'
1996\04\02@173238 by David Baker

On Mon, 25 Mar 1996 00:01:09 -0500, "Automatic digest processor"
<spam_OUTLISTSERVTakeThisOuTspamMITVMA.MIT.EDU> wrote:

Subject: Re: Thank You.
> We ALL have lately received quite a few "hot headed" FLAMING responses (As
> they say: "faster to flame than to tame...") to SPAM messages to our list,
> with a vocabulary not so fit for most of us (I won't repeat it here...:-).
> The PICLIST, as a VERY active mailing list, is very attractive to spam'ers.
> Well, we all know that. Let's not play  into the hands of the spam'ers: I'm
> sure some of them even enjoy seeing FLAMES bouncing back and forth between
> list members.

The best solution would be to stop these spams getting in in the first
place. I remember a while back there was a plan to do something about it,
like only allow subscribed members to post or have a twit filter or
something? I digest this list & just about every time there is at least one
of these messages shoved in the middle.

Is there still a plan to fix this one day? I already unsubscribed once but
came back when the list manager said he was going to get it fixed.

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