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PICList Thread
'PICLIST Digest - 17 Nov 1998 to 18 Nov 1998'
1998\11\19@104432 by miked

> I'd like to trigger a film camera from a pic.  Also it would be nice
> to use a cheap auto wind type but I haven't been able to find any
> that have an external switch for this.  I've thought about breaking
> into the camera to get at the switch but it's not elegant.  A solenoid
> plunger would work if positioned over the button but any I've seen
> are really power hogs.  Does anyone have any ideas or tips they'd
> like to share on being able to do this?
I use micro servos ($20). I glued one to the top of an auto advance
camera so the arm
hits the switch (note: if the camera is auto focus you need to depress
the switch halfway
to focus and then full to snap). I built another into a frame with a
remote release for
35mm SLR. These are meant to be controlled by an r/c receiver but a PIC
could easily generate
the signals needed to run the servo which will work off 5V(4 cell
ni-cad). Most digital cameras
have a serial interface that you can send commands to.

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