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PICList Thread
'PICLIST Digest - 17 Mar 1996 to 18 Mar 1996'
1996\03\19@141645 by John Fairall

There is a new low cost emulator whic is being offered by Microchip, its
called the ICEPIC, and it offers Real ime emulation with all the featuresone
expects from an emulator. It runs under windows with a really nice
interface. Fully compatible with MPASM / MPC etc, with source level debugger.

The cost is about US$750 for a '5X system. For further informaiton the
manufacturer has a web page containing the windows software, to enable
anyone to have a look at it. The page is

Best Regards

John Fairall
RF Solutions Ltd.
Pannetts Building, Railway Lane,
Lewes, East Sussex. England.
Tel +44 1273 488 880
Fax + 44 1273 480 661

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