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PICList Thread
'PICLIST Digest - 15 Oct 1995 to 16 Oct 1995'
1995\10\17@100539 by David Baker

> From:    "Patrick S. Coutu" <spam_OUTC82032476TakeThisOuTspamACS.SAULTC.ON.CA>
> Subject: Which PIC for basic remote radio freq. car starter?
>           Hi PIC'ers,
>          I'm planning to build a remote control car starter. I own a
>          PIC16c54 and would like to know if anyone would attempt this
>          project with this particular PIC. Also what parts do I need
>          for the transmitter-receiver portion of it?

I brought up this same subject a week or 2 ago. In fact I saw the insides
of a car remote control for door locking & it had a PIC 16C54 in it, along
with very little else. I thought this would be a great project, so I asked
here - I had several good answers, but surprisingly (for a PIC list) nobody
recommended to do it with PICs! The circuit looked very simple, but I
couldn't get one from anyone. Holtek make some txmitters & receivers which
will do the job & they are quite cheap. Digikey has them in their online
catalog at their WWW site & they will mail to Malaysia, so I'm sure Canada
would be no problem. I plan to order mine very soon.

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1995\10\17@160508 by Patrick S. Coutu

          Thanks Dave,
                   ..for your reply on my car starter project.
                             Patrick in Sault, Canada

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