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'PICLIST Digest - 15 Feb 1998 to 16 Feb 1998'
1998\02\17@105959 by miked

> Is there a clock chip which can give the number of days (from a preset
> date) as opposed to just the current date?  If so, it will make my life
> if not, then I must do my own calcs.
I think DALLAS makes a chip like that. Two timers, one always counting
as long as their is
backup power, the other only when main power is applied.

1998\02\17@110005 by miked

> I am experimenting with LCD display modules most of which have EL
> backlit stuff on them. Are there any quick and dirty ways of
> illuminating those? If read those things need a fairly high AC
> voltage ~150ppVAC @ 300kHz or so but that's about all I know about
> it...
There are modules made for this that convert 5-6Vdc to the high voltage.

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