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PICList Thread
'piclist digest'
1995\09\07@081619 by Siegfried Grob

Hello to all who want to archive all the piclist traffic themselves:

Here I quote a part of the mail, every new subscriber gets after successful
subscription to the piclist:



Please  save this  message  for future  reference, especially  if  you are  not
familiar with LISTSERV. This might look like  a waste of disk space now, but in
6 months you will be glad you  saved this information when you realize that you
cannot  remember what  are the  lists you  are subscribed  to, or  what is  the
command to  leave the list to  avoid filling up  your mailbox while you  are on


Contributions sent to this list are  automatically archived. You can get a list
of  the available  archive  files  by sending  an  "INDEX  PICLIST" command  to
spam_OUTLISTSERVTakeThisOuTspamMITVMA.BITNET (or  .....LISTSERVKILLspamspam@spam@MITVMA.MIT.EDU). You can then  order these
files with a "GET PICLIST LOGxxxx" command, or using LISTSERV's database search
facilities. Send an "INFO DATABASE" command for more information on the latter.


More information  on LISTSERV commands can  be found in the  LISTSERV reference
card,  which  you  can  retrieve  by  sending  an  "INFO  REFCARD"  command  to

to summarize:
send GET PICLIST LOG9509 to EraseMELISTSERVspam_OUTspamTakeThisOuTMITVMA.MIT.EDU, wait some seconds and you
have what you want.


'PICLIST Digest'
1998\11\06@185206 by miked
> Mike DeMetz wrote:
> > Excuse the double posting.  The PICLIST server was sending me an
> > undeliverable mail message.
>   I can't see a connection between an undeliverable mail message and
> double posting?  Is this an implementation of the engineer's dictum "If it
> doesn't fit the hole, whack harder"?
It is a normal response to sending a message to a list server and
having a error in delivery sent back

>   Today's lesson:  The PIClist server does *not* send "undeliverable
> mail" messages.  How could it?  Why would it?
The headers indicated that it went to PICLISTspamspam_OUTMITVMA.MIT.EDU
then to 3rd party who rejected it back to me. Why would it? How
could it?

'PicList Digest'
1999\02\11@090051 by Gabriel Aurilio de Oliveira

I've a question: How can I get the PICLIST Digests?  I'm not receiving
that in my Inbox, but only  Reply Messages about some subjects of this

Thanks for help!

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